Kinderworld is a montessori preschool and kindergarten located in Puri Indah-Jakarta Barat and Bumi Serpong Damai City (BSD City), Serpong – Tangerang.  

Our curriculum is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori as one of the top best early childhood education methodology in the world which led us developing different sort of school from the rest schools in our neighbourhoods.

Further more, we also incorporate Musikgarten known as the premium musical education program in our curriculum.

If you are expecting more for your child education but you still can not get it, why don’t you schedule a visit to us and see how we nurture your children to be a creative , critical child ?

Kinderworld montessori

Puri Indah (preschool and kindergarten) :

 Jl. Kembang Sakti Timur 1 blok D9 no. 20-22. Telephone : 021-5805088 & 5805087


BSD City (baby, preschool,kindergarten) :

 Jl. Giri loka 3 blok Z1no. 1. Telephone : 021-53151470




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